Gavilon’s 2018 Producers’ Edge Program Launches with an Expanded Team of Analysts

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Gavilon Grain, LLC today announced that it has launched its 2018 Producers’ Edge Program, Gavilon’s proprietary grain marketing solution for farmers and producers, with a newly expanded team of analysts.  Producers’ Edge is an ag risk management program that helps producers reduce the worry in grain marketing, by moving the complexity of marketing and price movement to our analysts.

Handling more than 350 million bushels of grain per year, Gavilon leverages its in-depth knowledge and experience in developing this program to help farmers diversify risk.  The Producers’ Edge program is backed by Gavilon’s local representatives, experienced market analysts and operations team to provide you the support and information you need.

Gavilon has expanded its team of analysts to include Ed Prosser of Gavilon and Jody Lawrence of Strategic Trading Advisors. Our team of experienced analysts will utilize their experience and knowledge, both fundamentally and technically, to price 100% of the bushels enrolled in the program by the end of the pricing period. Click here to meet the analysts.

Additionally, Producers’ Edge program customers have access to the web app, myGavilon, which provide transparency in performance and pricing, as you can review our past performance before you get started, and monitor current performance and pricing in the myGavilon app.

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Grain marketing is inherently unpredictable, and Gavilon cannot guarantee a more favorable result under this program than other means. You should evaluate the use of Gavilon's program using your own experience and independent sources.