Go Further with Arborite® AG 

Available exclusively through Gavilon microSource, Arborite AG with Nitrolock Technology™ is a nitrogen stabilizer that contains the active ingredient NBPT. Otherwise known as n-butyl thiophosphoric triamide, NBPT is one of the most effective urease inhibitors available today. Arborite’s unique NitroLock technology inhibits hydrolytic action on urea by the urease enzyme, resulting in less urea nitrogen lost by ammonia volatilization (AAPFCO 1997) when applied to soils. 

Arborite AG is available in 250 gallon totes or 2 x 2.5 gallon jugs on shrink-wrapped pallets. For added convenience, it is also available pre-coated on Gavilon granular urea or in UAN solution from one of Gavilon Fertilizer's many warehouses located in North America. For more information, click on www.arboriteAG.com.

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